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December 2015

The Tagadere 2015 Christmas Buffet featuring our Mighty Real Disco Pass the Parcel

WTagadere Christmas Buffet 2015.jpgednesday 16th December was our last gathering of 2015.  We shared another day of solidarity, laughter and celebration with people who believe in the ethos of Tagadere: our togetherness and positive thinking.  As always: no ‘victim mentality’ allowed!

The sumptuous expanse of our volunteer-prepared buffet lunch was a talking point and greatly enjoyed by a happy group.

Tagadere supporters from long ago made special efforts to join us in our Yuletide celebration and as usual, much laughter coursed around the room during our Fabulous Tagadere Mighty Real Spectacular Jewellery Disco Pass The Parcel event.

The day also marked 27 years since the flamboyant disco diva and early HIV/AIDS campaigner Sylvester succumbed to AIDS.  This meant that passing the parcels which held glamorous items of donated jewellery was more poignant as ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ erupted from the sound system.

All of us send love and thanks to the many genuine people who showed stalwart support for Tagadere as we continue to be Nottingham’s only independent user-led, completely volunteer run HIV support group.

Tagadere interviewed by BBC Radio Nottingham about continuing HIV stigma

In the middle of November 2015, Tagadere received a phone call from Radio Nottingham who, after the success of last year’s World AIDS Day interview with one of the Tagadere family, asked if it was possible to interview three HIV positive people who come to Tagadere to ask them about HIV stigma in the light of actor Charlie Sheen’s ‘admission’ that he was HIV positive.

Three people were more than eager to help educate and enlighten on the persistent stigma surrounding HIV.

Radio Nottingham’s Sarah Julian came to Tagadere Wednesday Club to conduct the interviews.  We applaud the candid and honest way in which the three people spoke about things which are very personal to them.

We’d also like to thank Sarah Julian and Radio Nottingham for once more considering Tagadere for interviews with local HIV positive people who value the peer support provided by Tagadere and felt able to speak from the heart, no matter how difficult it was to do at the time and regardless of how much mental preparation was made.

Third Year Journalism Student interviews Tagadere

On 25th November, simultaneous interview sessions were conducted at Tagadere Wednesday Club. As Radio Nottingham recorded in one room, in the main hall we greeted Katie Tudor who is a Third Year Journalism Student at Nottingham Trent University.

Katie contacted Tagadere enquiring about the possibility of holding a telephone interview with a member of Tagadere.  Of course, in true Tagadere Tradition we suggested ‘come along for lunch!’ which is what we agreed to do.  Katie was able to spend a couple of hours talking with various Tagadere friends around the table and get great insights into various complex aspects of living with HIV.

Following her visit, Katie wrote to thank us, saying:

‘I am so thankful to you all for letting me meet you last week,

what an amazing bunch you all are!

Such amazing, kind hearted and positive thinking people

under one roof, you made me feel very inspired.’

Tagadere’s essence captured perfectly poetically

Repositive outcome poem.jpgbuilding the Tagadere website has uncovered some gems not exactly lost, not misplaced or even hidden deep beneath an ancient shadow in a corner of our archives.

This poem more than adequately sums up what Tagadere is all about and the varied endless support which we provide.

‘Tagadere’s the place to be

A family on my side

‘Together’ it means, together it is

Their arms are open wide’

November 2015

Braving the weather to attend The Fabulous Tagadere World AIDS Day 2015 Christmas Craft Fair

WTagadere WAD Craft Fair 2015 buses.jpge'd like to thank all of the amazing stallholders who braved the hideous weather conditions and still came to The Fabulous Tagadere World AIDS Day 2015 Christmas Craft Fair - alternatively easily known by its acronym TFTWAD2015CCF – on Saturday 28th November.

The creative, imaginative and unique individuals supported Tagadere by booking a stall for our event which not only raises funds for us to continue (as we have no external funding) and breaks down stigma about HIV which is still so sadly prevalent over three decades since the AIDS pandemic began.

When a lot of medical conditions receive media attention, HIV remains hidden away, still considered shameful and carrying an opinion that HIV is dirty, a judgement or that it is deserved.

It's still regarded as 'something from the eighties' and despite the advancements of medications, it's still not ‘just a matter of you lot popping a pill one a day' as one Nottingham sexual health professional once said in a public meeting. (Yes, she actually referred to people living with HIV as ‘you lot’…)

Displaying our posters in shop windows, Post Office windows and sharing via social media to promote our event, it highlights the name Tagadere, the three letters HIV and by wearing red ribbons, it helps chip away at people's prejudices. We get surge of visits to our website immediately around and after our Fabulous World AIDS Day Christmas Craft Fairs, so getting the message out there is working!

Thanks also go to everyone who generously donated wonderful items to our fundraising prize raffle and made the recipients extremely happy.

Your support means a great deal to us! As you know, we're all volunteers, Tagadere is not a big corporate machine; we do it all in proper home grown DIY grassroots style.

Tagadere is not available in the High Street!

Promoting our event

As so many hours of self-taught, very intense volunteer work were dedicated this year by one individual into the creation of this web site and the various components in order to make the Tagadere Online Experience an entertaining one, the rolling banner, map and raffle prizes showcase for The Fabulous Tagadere World AIDS Day 2015 Christmas Craft Fair are being left in the year’s news for posterity and to highlight what a fabulous volunteer-run, user-led peer support group for local HIV positive people Tagadere really is.  

Let the countdown begin!

The first day of November brings the start of the countdown to Tagadere’s fabulous World AIDS Day 2015 Christmas Craft Fair.

Even as an independent local charity with no external funding we still have to pay a license fee to Nottingham City Council in order to hold our event.  If we don’t then we infringe some archaic local law which would result in us being hung, drawn and quartered in the Market Square.  Or something like that.

However, when we were booking the license, the Markets & Street Trading Officer wrote to us stating:

‘I can see that you are a very important charity

doing good work in the community’

If you feel that you would be able to promote our event and support the inventive crafters who are in their own way directly supporting Tagadere, please e-mail us via the Contact us page.

We can either e-mail you a j.peg of the poster or if you prefer, we can post paper copies to you.  You can also click on the  poster above to enlarge it, then right click to save it to your computer.  The graphic is virus-free.

Please feel free to share the poster via Social Media or If you have a local shop, library, cafe,  Post Office or noodle bar who are willing to display tasteful posters for community events run by volunteers.

Sausage Sensation at Tagadere Wednesday Club

TBonfire sausages TWC V6.jpgo mark the English tradition of Guy Fawkes Night we celebrated at Tagadere Wednesday Club with a bangers & mash lunch.  Three different types of bangers were presented along with a herby vegetarian sausage equivalent for the non-meat eaters.

Although there were no loud bangs, the vibrant fizzing of conversation and sparkles of  laughter lit up the whole day.

Definitely one not to have missed!

October 2015

Casting a magical spell at Tagadere Wednesday Club

AHalloween TWC 2 2015 3.jpgn astonishing downpour of monstrous monsoon proportions deluged Nottingham on the day of our Hallowe’en lunch. Our wonderful menu can be viewed by clicking the October Menus button.

This year we didn’t go overboard as we have in previous years with Hallowe’en festivities at the Tagadere Wednesday Club and we certainly didn’t go out to ‘Trick or Treat’, even though as Nottingham’s only independent HIV support group we have to raise every penny ourselves to continue providing a local user-led, grassroots facility which has been referred to as ‘a lifesaver’ on more than one occasion.

Further (genuine) testimonials to our valuable existence as a local community group can be read here so pull up a pumpkin, sit down and have a good read whilst you devour a bowl of witches’ brew.

Goose Fair celebrated at Tagadere Wednesday Club

AGoose Fair TWC 2015a.jpgs Nottingham braced itself for five days of high speed clamorous and brightly-lit fun at the legendary Goose Fair, a mile or so away from the bright lights at the Tagadere Wednesday Club we chose a less hectic route, celebrating the occasion with a delicious dinner of goose with a glazed Thai glaze sauce which lay atop a sumptuous homemade ratatouille scattered with fresh basil.  Hefty slices of freshly made bread laden with garlic and herbs were at hand to soak up the juicy juices.

Here in Nottingham as the end of September glides into the beginning of October, an often heard and  traditional comment on the weather is ‘It’s getting a bit Goose Fair-ish’.

This local metrological phenomenon is not something which you can define; it’s just that ‘it’s getting a bit Goose Fair-ish’.

In an unusual change, this year the weather conditions were those of a stunning Indian Summer but nevertheless in our puddings department we decided to tip the chef’s hat towards the more autumnal fruitiness of Goose Fair, choosing hand woven plum & apple strudel and at its side, a summer fruits strudel lay beside a jug full of the creamiest of custards.

We welcomed some new Tagadere Friends who upon leaving told us that they were surprised to find such an uplifting atmosphere full of laughter, fun and happiness. There is a good reason for this good feeling: we don’t sit and revel in being miserable, we don’t moan about how bad things are (whether real or imagined) and are completely positive about being positive and supporting each other.

Nottingham Lesbian & Gay Switchboard celebrates its 40th anniversary with a gala dinner

Affectionately known by many simply as ‘Switchboard’, over the past four decades Nottingham volunteers have been constantly providing information and support.

In the early days of the AIDS pandemic when information was scarce someone was at the end of the telephone to help cut through the confusion which was fuelled by media misinformation which stigmatized gay men and continued to dangerously label AIDS as a ‘gay disease’.

To witness Nottingham Lesbian & Gay Switchboard celebrating 40 years of activity is a great testimony to those who offer their time to be at the end of a telephone line when feelings of desperation occur or information is needed on myriad subjects.

In 2015 it seems astonishing to think that for many years it was a battle to get the Nottingham Evening Post to accept even a one line advertisement for Switchboard.

A fabulous anniversary gala evening with a sumptuous dinner is to be held at The Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, NG1 2GB on Friday 16th October (7.00 for 7.30 until midnight).

Tickets cost £25. For more information please visit

RRock Hudson 1950s.jpgemembering Rock

Friday 2nd October 2015 marked 30 years since Hollywood actor Rock Hudson died to AIDS-related complications.

A pin-up for many thousands of men and women, the 6’ 5” actor’s health had been the speculation of global tabloid press for some considerable time until he officially announced his HIV status in July 1985 just over one year after receiving his positive diagnosis in June 1984.

Following the official press release which disclosed Rock Hudson’s HIV status, the author William M. Hoffman whose play about AIDS ‘As Is’ had been performed on Broadway that year stated ‘If Rock Hudson can have it, nice people can have it.  It's just a disease, not a moral affliction.’

At a time when global press AIDS hysteria was in full throttle, Joan Rivers commented ‘Rock's admission is a horrendous way to bring AIDS to the attention of the American public, but by doing so, Rock, in his life, has helped millions in the process. What Rock has done takes true courage.’

In September 1985 Rock Hudson sent a telegram to ‘Commitment to Life’, the Hollywood AIDS benefit which by that time he was too ill to attend.  Within the telegram he stated ‘I am not happy that I am sick. I am not happy that I have AIDS but if that is helping others I can at least know that my own misfortune has had some positive worth.’

Posthumously it was reported that since the announcement that Rock Hudson had AIDS, in excess of $ 1.8 million US dollars had been raised by private donations to support AIDS research and also to provide care for people with AIDS.   At this point in 1985 the figure of US deaths to AIDS was approaching 6,000.  Almost directly after Rock Hudson died the US Congress laid aside $ 221 million towards the development of a cure for AIDS.

Shortly before his death, Rock Hudson made a direct contribution of $250,000 to amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) which helped to launch the not-for-profit organisation which was dedicated to AIDS/HIV research and prevention strategies.

amfAR was formed by Rock Hudson’s Los Angeles-based physician Dr. Michael S. Gottlieb who united with a New York situated group and also the film diva Elizabeth Taylor who was a long time and close friend of Rock Hudson.

Despite the high profile death to AIDS of such a well-loved American beefcake pin up and the statement from actress Morgan Fairchild that Rock Hudson’s death gave AIDS a face’, it appeared that the hysterical stigma and paranoia surrounding this devastating condition was cemented in the consciousness of the world.

It is essential to remember that 30 years ago amidst severe worldwide bigotry and condemnation towards people with AIDS and people living with HIV; at a time when the medical advancements to treat HIV were still undiscovered, Rock Hudson's disclosure impacted immediately upon the visibility of AIDS to the general public and also on the funding of future medical research.

The documentary ‘Discovering Rock Hudson’ is on Sky Arts HD at 8.00 pm on Monday 9th November 2015

Positively Different research project

Researchers based in the School of Social Sciences at The University of Hull are conducting a research project named ‘Positively Different’ which aims to explore the experiences of young people (aged 18-30) who have been diagnosed with HIV in the past two years.  The purpose of the research is to understand how young people with a recent HIV diagnosis experience receiving their diagnosis and live with HIV.

It is hoped that the study will help to identify the specific challenges, issues and dilemmas which people currently experience as well as the things which help them to live well with HIV.  Additionally it is hoped that the study will help the researchers to understand whether the lived experience of HIV has evolved and changed as medical approaches to HIV have evolved.

The research is approved by the relevant University of Hull Ethics Committee and takes place from September 14th – December 14th 2015.

Participating is by completing an online questionnaire or taking part in an online discussion forum which can be accessed via the ‘Positively Different’ blog at

There is also contact via Twitter: @positively_diff


September 2015

The Tagadere World AIDS Day Craft Fair fully booked!

Although it’s almost 3 months until the great day we have great pleasure in announcing that spaces for our event to mark this year’s World AIDS Day are now fully booked.

A fascinating collection of inventive items available will include: unique jewellery, leather bags, gift bags, trinkets and applique, felted creations, reclaimed wood and glass signs, pen drawings and prints of animals, decorated boxes made from recycled materials, chutneys and jams, cushions, sock beasties, handmade cards and vintage cakes ‘with a twist’.

Our fabulous prize raffle will be drawn at 4.00 pm which nicely leads onto the subject of donations!

If you have anything clean and legal which which you feel would be suitable and would like to donate it, please drop us a line using the form on our Contact us page.

We can arrange collection so long as you don’t live in an incredibly remote part of Nottinghamshire which is only accessible by elephant.

Our new website arrives

After months of considerable voluntary hours, many redesigns and the occasional wave of frustration we’re proud to launch this new website which has been completely made by one of our own members in his first foray into web design.

Amazing Jamaican feast at Tagadere Wednesday Club

On the first Tagadere Wednesday Club of September we were treated to a sumptuous lunch created by one of our Jamaican members.  Two types of chicken curry were available; one sweetly mild, the other with a hot kick which crept up on your taste buds resulting in a few wide eyes as the flavours were savoured.

These were accompanied by huge platters of rice and beans; a precisely chopped and presented salad adorned with shining dark grapes and two trays full of the most delicious dumplings which were just right on the outside and supremely light inside.

Although second helpings were taken there was still ample food remaining for everyone to take a selection home in airtight containers to enjoy later on.

Once again it proved us right in our belief that preparing, cooking and then sharing a meal is a fundamental part of a community group which brings us all together.

August 2015

Calling all crafters - some spaces available

We have so many artistic and creative people in Nottinghamshire who are eager to join our 2015 World AIDS Day Christmas Craft Fair.  The limited amount of spaces are being filled rapidly.

If you have unique creations which you would like to sell then why not join us as a stallholder?

Details from

Missing a day feels like missing a lot!

People are creatures of habit and dislike disruption to their routine.  As so many focus on the Tagadere Wednesday Club as the pivot of their week, to miss one day due to the closure of where we hire totally threw a lot of people out of synch.

One person who comes regularly to Tagadere said that whereas years ago Saturday night was the focus of their week and everything revolved around that, in recent years it’s been Wednesdays and Tagadere!

It’s an amazing testimony to the peer support and sense of community which we create that for a lot of people Thursday seems to be a bit of an anti-climax.

July 2015

Notice: Urgent construction work means we have to miss Tagadere Wednesday Club!

The premises from where we operate the fabulous Tagadere Wednesday Club will be closed for the week including Wednesday 29th July due to long-awaited and much needed construction work which will enhance the centre.

This means that there will be no Tagadere on that day but we will be back the following week on Wednesday August 5th.

A surprise e-mail from overseas

We received a lovely e-mail from someone who used to visit Tagadere years ago but then relocated overseas.  It was nice to be remembered and to be thanked for the support and feeling of community which our friend recalled fondly.

Even though the seas and miles may separate us, the togetherness generated by everyone at Tagadere remains with you wherever you are.

June 2015

The Tagadere Christmas Craft Fair 2015

As summer slinks in we’re very pleased to say that the bookings for our now-traditional Tagadere World AIDS Day Christmas Craft Fair are looking good.

Although we’re sold out of actual large tables there is still a chance to hire the equivalent space (which is approximately 6’ x 2’) for £15.

We still have some medium sized tables available (approximately 4’ x 2’) to hire for £12; if you prefer to supply your own, the price is the same for the equivalent space.

The great event will be held on Saturday 28 November 2015 from 1.00 until 5.00 pm at Sherwood United Reformed Church, 1 Edwards Lane, Sherwood NG5 3AA.

The church is situated just behind The Sherwood Manor pub and for convenience the Nottingham City Transport bus services 40, 42, 87, 88 and 89 stop right outside.




North Notts. Positive Links visit Tagadere

Early in June we welcomed a visit to the Tagadere Wednesday Club from Drew of North Notts. Positive Links. We had a great day full of lots of great relaxed conversations before, during and after lunch when, with the sun shining brightly down we were able to sit outdoors in the Tagadere Sun Trap. Thanks to Drew for making the effort to visit Tagadere.



NHS dietitian return visit to Tagadere

We received a request to visit Tagadere from Jason, the Nottingham City Hospital HIV & Oncology Specialist Dietitian who returned to present us with the result of his earlier consultations with us on the content of the new guidelines to food and water safety NHS information booklet.


Once more it is encouraging that professional health workers consider Tagadere the place where they can rely upon gaining direct information from local HIV positive people in order to provide the most effective information.

May 2015

Baseline and AB Plus visit Tagadere

OBaseline front cover.jpgn a delighfully sunny day we were thrilled that after a lot of planning we were visited by Robert from Baseline and Tom from AB Plus who had travelled to Nottingham from Birmingham to come and see us, to dine at the Tagadere Wednesday Club where they easily fitted in with the social unity of the day as if both were regulars and that this wasn’t their debut visit.

Our guests arrived bearing bags filled to the brims with wonderful and unexpected exotic treats which were gratefully received and a most welcome addition to the day.

We had many laughs, discovered that we have many shared interests and discussed the impact of Tagadere’s contribution to the spring issue of Baseline.

All of us send a big thank you to both men for making the effort to travel to Tagadere and join in with the proceedings with ease and friendliness.

Tagadere 6th birthday party: keeping it mighty real!


On the day before the General Election we celebrated our sixth anniversary of being a Registered Charity with another fabulous party at the Tagadere Wednesday Club.

A splendidly varied and very sumptuous buffet was admired by all and kept us returning to the decorated tables for more nibbles and yummy goodies.

We know how to put on a celebratory party and of course our traditional Tagadere Disco Pass The Parcel provided much laughter, tears of mirth flowed as plentifully as the delicious and somewhat exotically named drinks as artistically wrapped prizes whizzed from hand to hand.

It was great to see how many people made the extra effort to come along to join in an atmosphere of absolute celebration and unity.  We remain solid in our devotion to continue together as Nottingham’s only independent volunteer run, user-led HIV support group.

April 2015

Madness!  A shocking loss for the local HIV community

We have received a deluge of telephone calls, texts and e-mails from local HIV positive people who are greatly alarmed to learn Nottingham City Council have decided that

the growing HIV population in the city

no longer needs an HIV Specialist Social Worker.


Tagadere, as Nottingham’s only independent, completely volunteer run user-led self help peer support community group for people living with HIV (a bit of a mouthful but they are the facts) are astonished and offended that there has been absolutely no consultation with local HIV positive people.

It’s fortunate that. despite many external influences and bureaucratic mechanisms attempting to grind Tagadere from existence, we are still here to provide support and direction.  We have the ability and shared personal experiences which enable us to ‘be there’ for local (and not so local) HIV positive people who need guidance, reassurance, friendship and assistance.

Examples of our support is documented in the section Positively Speaking

The Tagadere Easter Bonnet Parade

ATagadere Easter Bonnet Parade jpeg.jpglthough the winds blew heartily across the country, the sun shone again on the happy Tagadere Wednesday Club.

Our much-anticipated Easter Bonnet Parade was a great success full of laughter, oohs, aaahs and ‘what have you come as?’ as individual creations were produced from hat boxes and bags.

The creation of millinery magnificence continued throughout the morning as sequins, braids, ribbons and Easter chicks lay spread upon the tables amidst a psychedelic spread of glittery goodies and fantastic foil-wrapped Easter eggs.

March 2015

Tagadere article featured in Baseline

TBaseline front cover.jpgagadere are very proud to have been invited to contribute an article to the Spring 2015 issue of the highly esteemed Baseline magazine.

The front cover headlines the lead article as ‘THT: Fat Cat Payouts’ above a unique illustration depicting a pair of evidently satisfied felines relaxing in front of pair of feeding bowls. Page 18 heralds the feature ‘Golden Goodbyes For THT’s Departing Executives’.

Baseline continues its refreshing approach to providing well-considered articles and is always a guaranteed good source of information.

Our article covers pages 40-42 and can be read on our Baseline article page.

February 2015

Planning the Tagadere Easter Bonnet Parade!

CTagadere Easter Bonnet Parade jpeg.jpgontinuing our true upbeat Tagadere style we’ve decided to revive and revitalise an old Nottingham tradition by holding our very own Easter Bonnet Parade on 1st April.

Over the forthcoming weeks we’ll be creating our own magnificent millinery at our gatherings which will be displayed on the day.

January 2015

New Year: back to normal!

As we welcomed everyone to our first gathering of 2015 the frequently heard comment was how nice it felt to be able to ‘get things back to normal’ and how much the weekly Tagadere drop-in­­ was missed over the festive period.

People are creatures of habit and routine and the stoic presence of Tagadere is an inherent part of the life of the many local people living with HIV who value our extended family of peer support. Peer support has to be just that and not led by a professional.

The many people who visit and gain valuable peer support from Tagadere recognise that we are an independent community group and that we’re not going away.

Our New Year culinary adventures began with a delicious Jamaican meal which was cooked for us by one of our group. Although we were bathed in glorious bright sunshine, it remained freezing outside and we were grateful for the tastefully spiced dishes which warmed everyone from within.

Our after-lunch laughter and relaxation was punctuated with discussions of plans for the forthcoming year. We have some great ideas which were enthusiastically received and already our organisational abilities are being put to good use.

It continues to be highly evident that the value of Tagadere as Nottingham’s only user-led, volunteer-run peer support group for HIV positive people is not to be underestimated. Our support comes from within the HIV community which means that it is local HIV positive people who are supporting and encouraging one another.

We are the ones who are Tagadere; we democratically decide how the group operates and it is that direct involvement which makes us so successful as an independent community group. We are not controlled by local authority bodies, far from it. We provide the support and easy access to those professionals whom we invite into our drop-in and we continue to do what we do because it is wanted.

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