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December 2013

The Fabulous Tagadere Christmas Party 2013

The festive spirit and true essence of Tagadere meaning ‘together’ was in full evidence at The Fabulous Tagadere Christmas Party at our drop-in on 18th December.

Weeks of planning and organisation crystallized into a day of great fun, laughter and celebration. Tagadere Friends travelled from locations far and wide to join in with the revelry and that such effort was made to come to the gathering is testimony to the feeling of belonging, friendship and support which Tagadere generates.  Read more about our valued support in the Positively Speaking section.

Organisation is a key feature of parties catering for such a large number of hungry and happy people; thankfully our capable kitchen couple had things running like the proverbial well-oiled machine without a moment to pause for breath.


Thanks go to everyone who contributed culinary donations to the banquet; tables groaned beneath an assorted array of delicious dishes which ranged from a holly-adorned, beautifully iced homemade Yuletide log (made especially for Tagadere by the daughter of one of our volunteers), a selection of home baked cakes and cheesecakes and even a precisely sliced fresh water melon. These items at polar ends of the food scale seemed to signify the diversity of Tagadere.


On the evening of our Christmas party we received some e-mails thanking us for the day; three of which are reproduced below:


‘Hi Tagadere, I really want to say thanks for the party. It was bang on. And all of the work you do over the year. I really feel part of a family and thats something that I miss a lot. I wish my family would show me the love how you do and specially round at Christmas. Its what I miss and being at the Tagadere party made me see that people like you do bother about each other. You do that and not just at Christmas. But this party made me really think how much care you give out all the time and I really wanted to say thanks and I know Im not the only one who thinks like this.’


‘Thank you for such a splendid occasion! It really was something special – it was wonderful to see such a diverse range of people in such relaxed and happy mood; while the food and all the practical arrangements were perfect, it was the atmosphere that made it particularly special, and that is something that can’t be drummed up at the drop of a hat – it shows just how successful you have been in building up Tagadere and making it a place where people feel so at home.’


Another e-mail concisely summed up our hard work in five words:

‘Monumental effort today. Much appreciated.’


Tagadere featured in World AIDS Day blog

As a small, volunteer-run charity, Tagadere were very proud to be invited to contribute to the ‘Looking Back: World AIDS Day 2013’ blog which spotlights events on and surrounding the day.


Success! Tagadere World AIDS Day Christmas Craft Fair

As with the Tagadere World AIDS Day drop-in, the sun shone brightly upon our proceedings once more. The previous weeks of work and planning, making and creating reached a wonderful conclusion with everything falling perfectly into place as the sun streamed through the church windows illuminating the eclectic, original wares which were on sale.


Thanks go to those volunteers who generously devoted their own time in order to make the day such a success. The combined efforts of everyone involved generated a genuine feeling of community.

Thanks also go out to the stallholders who supported Tagadere by attending, providing such a diverse and fascinating array of talents which delighted the many people who visited our event.

November 2013

The Tagadere World AIDS Day Christmas Craft Fair

Bursts of collective creativity have been growing and glowing at our weekly drop-in as we prepare for the Tagadere World AIDS Day Christmas Craft Fair on 30th November.

Along with the goodies which have been designed and made by Tagadere members, the diverse range of unique items for sale by stallholders promises to be fabulous!

To list but a few, these include stained glass, lino-print cards, beaded jewellery, chocolates, hand knitted jumpers, leather pouches, felted art, crocheted items, die-cut plastic jewellery, vintage handmade aprons, tree decorations, shirt dresses, semi-precious stone jewellery and once more, locally-milled flour. The Tagadere stall will have red ribbons and information available.

Tagadere World AIDS Day drop-in

The sun shone brightly in a crystal clear sky for the Tagadere World AIDS Day drop-in where, amongst our regular activities, we were making Friendship Bracelets for each other.

In previous years to commemorate World AIDS Day we have held a red balloon release but as we realise that this is eco-unfriendly and potentially dangerous on a variety of levels, we had to have a rethink.

One of our Tagadere friends had the wonderful idea of bubbles. Yes, bubbles. After a delicious lunch we gathered in our now-traditional circle outside and following some poignant words to remember those who we have lost to AIDS and think of those people living with HIV, we passed the Tagadere Bubble Chalice around, puckered up and blew our bubbles into the gleaming afternoon sunshine. Dedications were made, a few tears were shed but these were mixed with joyous laughter at the attempts to blow the largest bubble. 

A surprising thing happened as we stood in our circle of remembrance and respect watching the floating, glistening spheres. A Red Kite (Milvus milvus) gracefully soared into sight and began to circle leisurely above us; the rust coloured underside to its wings totally visible to our astonished eyes. As our bubbles continued to float gently upwards, the huge bird continued to swoop in large, soothing circles. 

After some minutes, coinciding with the last huge bubble ascending towards the sun, the Red Kite made one final circle and drifted off until it, like the last bubble, was out of our sight. This was a poignant, unique experience and could not have been better if ordered.

Thanks to everyone who made our World AIDS Day drop-in another fine example of Tagadere meaning ‘together’.


St. Peter’s Church, Nottingham: World AIDS Day service

Sunday 1st December at 2.15pm. Once more, St. Peter’s Church in Nottingham city centre are holding a World AIDS Day service. The Church is situated at the junction of Albert Street/St. Peter’s Gate/Exchange Walk NG1 2NW (next to Marks & Spencer).

Tagadere in Nottinghamshire Rainbow Heritage Awards

Tagadere are proud to announce that we are to be a recipient in The Nottinghamshire Rainbow Heritage Awards 2014 which will be presented during a Celebration Evening at Nottingham Council House on Tuesday 25th February 2014.

The awards have been made annually since 2008 to groups and individuals who have benefitted the local LGBT community. This encouraging award which, along with Tagadere being awarded Lord Mayor’s Charity 2012-13 recognises the essential value of voluntary support which we continue to provide for people living with HIV in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

October 2013

Flu Jab forum at Tagadere drop-in

As this year’s program of the flu jab is beginning, the HIV Specific Nurse from Nottingham City Hospital gave a presentation at Tagadere drop-in to address any concerns which the gathered people may have had surrounding having the flu jab as an HIV positive person. Part of the forum involved a ‘Q & A’ session which produced many valid, interesting and imaginative questions which the nurse was able to easily answer with considered replies. Complimented by an information pack given out, the educative session was a valuable insight into what is involved.

E.ON LGBT visit to Tagadere drop-in

On Wednesday 9th October we were pleased to welcome James Pyman, External Liaison Officer from E.ON’s LGBT Network to the Tagadere drop-in to share a delicious fish lunch and to meet our diverse mix of members who were able to provide a personal insight into living with HIV. The gathering was an excellent opportunity to show exactly why the Tagadere drop-in is valued by so many local people living with HIV.

Tagadere webpage visits reaches 7,000

At the beginning of October the Tagadere website visitor counter reached 7,000 since it began ticking away in May 2009. For a small local charity this is encouraging, especially as additional monitoring of our site shows that visitors to our website are not restricted to Nottinghamshire and the United Kingdom but from around the globe.

Goose Fair drop-in

The gathering dark clouds finally burst and released their torrents on the first day of Goose Fair, prompting everyone at our crowded drop-in to remark at some point during the day that as it was the first day of the fair, that meant that it had to rain.

As thousands splashed around the Forest Recreation Ground, over at Tagadere drop-in we were dry and having fun of our own which was topped with a Goose Fair-inspired lunch. Thanks to all who made it a day full of laughter and happiness once again.

September 2013

Tagadere invited to give HIV presentations

In the middle of September it was extremely encouraging for Tagadere as a local, user-led charity to be invited to two separate events to talk about living with HIV.


The first event was part of a group GP training session organised by the Department of Infectious Diseases at Nottingham City Hospital; this was an excellent chance to compliment the presentation made by Dr. Venkatessen.

The second opportunity arose when Places for People invited Tagadere to hold a workshop with their staff. A pair of Tagadere members provided in depth information surrounding the myriad aspects of living with HIV. This was deemed a definite success, overrunning the original planned time slot meaning that our members were hard pressed to leave at 3pm as arranged due to the amount of questions with which they were bombarded with.


At the end of the workshop one person announced that it was ‘the best presentation ever’ whilst another commented that our members had given them a deeper and more personal insight into life as someone living with HIV and amongst other things, hearing first hand of the associated stigma and discrimination which prevents easy disclosure of HIV status.


An encouraging outcome of the presentations is that both Tagadere members proudly stated that they felt so empowered and supported by being a part of Tagadere that they were able to have the confidence and courage to talk openly about living with HIV to a large gathering of strangers.


The fact that Tagadere continues to be so successfully operated by people living with HIV undoubtedly made a great impression. Our thanks go to all concerned in both events.

A date for your diary:

Tagadere World AIDS Day Christmas Craft Fair 2013

During the heatwave which embraced the UK last month we were already mentally donning our winter woollies and looking towards December by planning our event for World AIDS Day 2013.

As our WAD Christmas Craft Fair last year and Tagadere May Bazaar earlier this year were such successes we decided that another event would in order to compliment them.

Encouragingly, within two days of advertising the event we had completely sold out of large spaces with bookings from local creative crafters and artists who are eager to bring along their individual and unique textiles, jewellery, cards, chocolates and once more, locally-milled flour to add to the diverse mix.  Our latest event looks as if it will once more be a Yuletide bonus.


August 2013 

Nottingham City Councillor visits Tagadere: ‘less a support group, more a family!’

On the last day of July, Tagadere welcomed Nottingham City Councillor Alex Norris to our weekly drop-in.

Cllr. Norris is Executive Member for Adults and Health and appeared to be suitably impressed with our achievements as a volunteer run HIV support group that following his visit a tweet appeared on his Twitter page stating that Tagadere is ‘…less a support group, more a family!’ which is a great compliment as so many Tagadere friends refer to us all as an ‘extended family’.


July 2013

A beautiful letter to Tagadere

We were stunned in the nicest possible way to receive the following e-mail from someone who uses the services which Tagadere provide. In life, people are very eager to criticise but not so eager to praise; therefore to read such validation for our efforts as volunteers is wonderful.


I was awake when dawn broke this morning and I love that time of day - night turns to day. That's when you really 'see' the wonderful things in life. Tagadere is one of those things and without you guys, it would never have happened and it would not still be happening. There are so many people living with HIV in Nottingham that owe everything to you for keeping the drop-in going and making Tagadere into this incredible support 'family'.

If you all threw in the towel tomorrow, so many people would be left bereft of support, it would be a lifeline cut off forever - it would be devastating. I so wish people would understand how much effort you put in to running the drop-in for everyone, week in, week out. What you do is incredible, so unique, so beneficial, so selfless, running Tagadere as you now do, running it as a charity so well.


Tagadere is an amazing thing and you who give your free time to run it are amazing. Credit yourselves with something that is truly incredible. Tagadere supports anyone who asks for support. You do everything you possibly can to support everyone who needs support and if sometimes that isn't enough for them, well so be it. It is not because you have not done everything in your power to do to help - you always do.

Remember though - many things people want are not in Tagadere's power to grant. Tagadere is not to blame for that. Tagadere has honesty and integrity - you don't make wild promises to 'solve everyone's problems'.


June 2013

Surprise Jamaican meal at Tagadere drop-in

We received an unexpected and pleasant surprise when someone who is unable to attend our drop-in due to heavy work commitments offered to cook a beautiful Jamaican meal for everyone attending the drop-in on 19th June. The simple reason was ‘To thank you for being there and caring and showing love’. Moments like this are the reward for doing what we do.



Seaside Visit 2013

Tagadere once more took in the delights of the east coast during the glorious sunny weather.

A splendid time was enjoyed by everyone who went along, all commenting how nice it was to have a break from the city.  From start to finish, the sun shone constantly, adding to the holiday atmosphere.



‘Working Together For Change’ HIV event

On 4th June, the ‘Working Together for Change’ event organised by Commissioners from both Nottingham City and County Councils produced a large attendance of people living with HIV in the Nottinghamshire area, service providers and professional workers, all of whom produced some valid points to help identify future commissioning priorities.

It is indeed a compliment that the user-led volunteer service which we provide is considered by some as precious; we are obviously doing something right! 

Prior to the event, Nottinghamshire County Commissioner Sarah Craggs made two visits to Tagadere drop-in to consult members on their viewpoint on current HIV services. This provided an ideal opportunity to meet a large gathering of people living with HIV. Those who attended these consultations considered that the opinion of the many people who use Tagadere was valued and respected.

May 2013

Tagadere: Four years and still here!

The first two weeks of May were extremely busy for Tagadere. As previously reported, our bazaar on Saturday 4th was a runaway success on all levels and feedback response from the inventive stallholders has been overwhelmingly encouraging. 

There was barely time to take breath as two days later on Monday 6th May we celebrated four years as a Registered Charity. 

This milestone is an achievement indeed. In 2009 three Tagadere members decided to form a more cohesive, organised and committed local support group for people living with HIV.

At this point the idea was dismissed by some people as being a waste of time and that the plans would not reach positive fruition due to a lack of the sufficient commitment required to achieve our aims as a user-led, voluntary operated group.

It was with great pride that we held our 4th Anniversary Celebration Drop-in as a chosen charity of The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, something which acknowledges the  hard work we have invested as volunteers over the past four years. 

Once more, the true spirit of the word Tagadere meaning ‘together’ was displayed in magnificent style. The socially diverse mix of people who call Tagadere their ‘extended family’ gathered to celebrate with laughter, support, love and consideration for each other and for those around us. Working days were rearranged and schedules were juggled in order to enable Tagadere members to attend. It was encouraging to see that a wide representation of professional workers in the HIV sector had made the effort to celebrate our anniversary. 

The Reverend Karen Rooms gave an impromptu and beautiful speech detailing how she perceives Tagadere as a prime example of a local community group who have created a loving family. There was hardly a dry eye in the house at the end of this moving speech which was complimented with a rousing three cheers for Tagadere. 

Thank you to those people who have genuinely supported us over the past four years and to those who volunteered their time to create such wonderful culinary contributions for the day. 

Footnote: On the evening of the anniversary Drop-in we received the following messages: 

Tagadere friends, you are wonderful and make me feel positive about being positive!

Without you I would not be here celebrating your friendship and love of four years and still being here four years on. 

Hi Tagadere, you could say that people who go to the drop in have nothing in common but HIV but there is another thing there. That is caring for one another without judgement or rejecting someone.  Some people might feel that they have been treated unfairly and the whole world is against them but at Tagadere drop in all I see is unconditional support and friendship and kindness which is something that can go unnoticed until it is too late, you don’t know what you have got till you lose it and then it’s too late. Keep up the good work and thanks for being there for me and everyone with HIV.


Tagadere’s May Bazaar

Our fundraising May Bazaar was voted a complete success by all who attended, with the day far exceeding our hopes and expectations. The extensive hall at St. Ann with Emmanuel church hall was filled to capacity with stalls containing an awe-inspiring mixture of individual creations including jewellery, patchwork, cards, felting and leather art. Culinary creativity was represented by handmade chocolates, cakes, jams, pickles and even locally-milled flour. 

We would like to thank everyone who supported Tagadere by having a stall, for promoting our bazaar, to those who so generously contributed to the prize raffle. 

Appreciation must also go to the volunteers who donated their own free time to help make the event the day as rewarding day it was; from setting up tables and chairs to the children’s face painting, selling raffle tickets and hosting the vintage table top games. A special salute goes towards the kitchen volunteers who kept the delicious refreshments organised, plentiful and constant. Amongst the list of congratulatory e-mails which we have received since Saturday, many have complimented us on the lovely cobs! 

To add to the rewarding feeling of the day being a success is that so many visitors commented that there was a real sense of community in an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere.

Tagadere interviewed by Kemet FM

A Tagadere member was interviewed on-air by Christine from local Nottingham radio station Kemet FM, highlighting the work Tagadere does as a volunteer HIV support group and promoting our bazaar on 4th May.

Tagadere Bazaar almost here!

Time has whizzed by and we now have only seven days to go until our May Bazaar!

There will be a fantastic selection of stallholders selling their wonderful wares making it the definitely be the place to be on Saturday 4th May! 

City Council Commissioner visit to Tagadere

On Wednesday 17th April we hosted another visit to our weekly drop-in.

Our latest guest was Nottingham County Council Commissioner Sarah Craggs who joined us for lunch and to simultaneously consult with Tagadere members about the quality of services for HIV positive people in Nottinghamshire and the City of Nottingham.

Again this visit illustrates the value of Tagadere to the Commissioners who would otherwise have to spend a lot of time and a lot of money in order to facilitate a meeting with such a large number of local HIV positive people in one location.

March 2013

City Hospital GU consultant forum at Tagadere drop-in

On Wednesday 13th March Tagadere Drop-in hosted a forum presented by Dr. Ashini Jayasuriya, consultant in GU Medicine at Nottingham City Hospital.

This was deemed incredibly beneficial as it provided direct access to a number of GU service users who attend Tagadere Drop-in and were able to relate their experiences first hand.


NCVS Spotlight on Tagadere

We are very proud to be in the beam of the prestigious ‘Spotlight on…’ feature on the Nottingham Community & Voluntary Service website.

Tagadere May Bazaar space sold out already!

We had a rapid response in bookings for our May Bazaar. After only advertising in mid-February we were immediately swamped by a tidal wave of crafters, jewellers, deluxe chocolate creators and other talented individuals wanting to have space at the event.

This enthusiasm meant that by the end of February we had sold out of spaces and had to create more to meet demand; before March hits double figures there are only a few of the smaller tables left.


The bazaar promises a varied, eclectic and diverse selection of wares plus we have the added bonus of children’s face painting and vintage tabletop games to play.

Make a note in your diary - Saturday 4th May!

February 2013

Tagadere Drop-in Pancake Day

Outside, the unexpected heavy snowfall began to settle rapidly but this didn’t deter a hearty gathering devouring the pancakes expertly made for us by one of our members. 

Pancake Day at Tagadere is now a tradition and once more laughter ruled the day.

Those who had never tried tossing a pancake gave it their all under ‘expert’ tuition with astonishingly fabulous and tasty results.  If you had been served them in a trendy establishment you would probably have paid a lot of money for the pleasure!

Donate to Tagadere!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now able to accept donations to Tagadere via the PayPal system.  Donations go directly to Tagadere as a Registered Charity which will enable us to continue our work as volunteers to support people living with HIV in the Nottinghamshire region. Details on Donate to Tagadere page.

Tagadere’s fundraising May Bazaar

Following the tremendous success of the Tagadere World AIDS Day Craft Fair in December 2012 we will be holding a fundraising May Bazaar on Saturday 4th May 2013 from 12 noon – 4pm.


The venue is the large hall at St. Ann with Emmanuel Church, Robin Hood Chase, St. Ann's, Nottingham NG3 4EY which has disabled access and ample on-road parking available.

The church is situated opposite a busy shopping precinct between two frequent bus routes from the city. There are bus stops on St. Ann’s Well Road and Abbotsford Drive, both close to the church.

Free tea and coffee will be available for all stall holders during the set up period.In addition to the stalls we will be having children’s face painting and a variety of vintage table-top games including bagatelle and shove-ha’penny. We aim to offer an eclectic mix of crafts and gift items plus hot food, refreshments, snacks and a raffle. 

Tables are very reasonably priced at £10 large, £5 small and for convenience we can accept payment via PayPal - simply click on the ‘donate’ button at the bottom left of the Tagadere website and follow the instructions. 

Book early to avoid disappointment!  07766 800 514 /e-mail:



January 2013

In the traditionally quiet post-Christmas and New Year period the first Tagadere Drop-in of 2013 was buzzing with activity and alive with laughter.

We greeted two new members who separately announced their joy at discovering Tagadere; one of the encouraging comments received was ‘I never realised that something so welcoming and supportive existed’.

Tagadere would like to wish all of our friends a Happy New Year.

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