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Tagadere is an old English word which means ‘together’

We are unique as the only independent volunteer run, user-led support group for people living with HIV in Nottinghamshire and were delighted to become a Registered Charity on 6th May 2009.

Our dedication and hard work as a completely volunteer-run organisation created and operated by members of Nottingham’s HIV community was visibly and publicly acknowledged when we were made Lord Mayor of Nottingham’s Chosen Charity 2012-13.

In 2014 Tagadere attended a ceremony held in The Nottingham Council House to receive an award from the Notts. Rainbow Heritage which was presented by the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, Chris Eyre. The certificate stated: ‘In recognition of the many years of invaluable work provided by this user-led self help support group for people living with HIV in Nottinghamshire’.

Tagadere members have been interviewed on more than one occasion by Notts TV and also by Radio Nottingham, Kemet FM and Kiss FM plus by many student journalists.

At Tagadere we do not discriminate because of a person’s sexuality, race, religion or colour.  We are a community group who provide friendship, encouragement and support for the culturally diverse HIV population of Nottinghamshire; our support frequently extends further than the boundaries of the NG postcode.


The term ‘user led’ means that the way in which Tagadere operates is not dictated by local authorities or professionals but by the local people living with HIV who use Tagadere and who recognise and appreciate the need for an autonomous peer support group where their opinions are democratically valued.

We’ve never been interested in becoming a large corporate entity because being a grassroots group operated solely by volunteers is a crucial aspect of Tagadere.  You can find a background to our path of development and progression documented in the Tagadere History section.

The immense number of people who have accessed Tagadere tell us that they feel wanted, comfortable and validated by gaining their support from Tagadere.

They attribute this to the important fact that we’re a local group run by volunteers with shared personal experiences of living with HIV and whose only intent is to help and benefit others in a similar situation.


As a local, grassroots community group we take great pride in supplying valuable peer support, friendship and information to people living with HIV regardless of sexual orientation, race or religion. Our inclusive approach means that our support extends to include the partners, families and carers of people living with HIV in the Nottinghamshire region.

Our direct, personal involvement means that as an independent organisation which is home grown in Nottingham we are therefore able to help local people by using our combined experiences of the various complex aspects of living with HIV.


The dedicated commitment of a core of volunteers from within the local HIV community ensures that Tagadere remains to be a vital peer support service in Nottingham for people living with HIV.


Due to continuing social stigma, ignorance and prejudice surrounding HIV, frequently there is a sense of distrust of other people and a genuine fear of being unwillingly ‘outed’ as a person who is HIV positive.

As many people living with HIV feel unable to rely on the traditional support networks such as family and friends and often experience rejection, by combining our collective experience we are able to offer support and friendship for those who feel isolated, secluded and marginalized by their HIV status.

Following a person’s HIV positive diagnosis, feelings of isolation, confusion and a genuine fear of rejection are often acute; therefore we aim to meet a fundamental need for friendship, guidance and encouragement by providing a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment at our popular facility once known at ‘the drop-in’ but now is renamed the Tagadere Wednesday Club.


Building on the established Wednesday meetings which were held in the days before Tagadere became an organised and cohesive Registered Charity in 2009, we created a new confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment where the diverse cross-section of the local population living with HIV are welcome.

Our safe, comforting and discreet meetings have been described by a very large number of people living with HIV as the only place where they feel relaxed and are able to be open; not only about HIV but myriad other things.

For an update on our meetings, please visit our News 2016 page.

To view a few of the many testimonials which we have received, please select the button Positively Speaking on the site menu. These are all genuine testimonials; we have no need to fantasise and create fictitious compliments!

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